All That’s Orange In My Garden

Hello Everyone. It has been a little while since you heard from me last but that doesn’t mean things have stopped in my garden. Today I thought I would share some beautiful orange flowers that are in my vegetable garden and why I have these particular plants. The first of these are marigolds and IContinue reading “All That’s Orange In My Garden”

How to grow bok choy from bok choy bottoms!

How are you all doing? We have been lucky with some nice bouts of sunshine but here in Adelaide we are set for lots of rain. All I can say is rain is great for our gardens and means we don’t have to water. The topic of this post is so exciting as it meansContinue reading “How to grow bok choy from bok choy bottoms!”

What do I put in my tomato planting hole?

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a great week and have been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Now that I have my raised garden beds sorted it is the most anticipated time for an avid gardener, planting time! But wait… First I must gather the all important ingredients for plantingContinue reading “What do I put in my tomato planting hole?”