All That’s Orange In My Garden

Hello Everyone. It has been a little while since you heard from me last but that doesn’t mean things have stopped in my garden. Today I thought I would share some beautiful orange flowers that are in my vegetable garden and why I have these particular plants. The first of these are marigolds and IContinue reading “All That’s Orange In My Garden”

Do you have carrots and snow peas? Then make my Honey chicken & ginger stir fry!

When I went out to my garden and came back with lots of carrots and snow peas, my husband said ‘Are you making stir fry’? Well of course the answer had to be yes! There are a few ingredients in our favourite stir fry recipe besides carrots and snow peas including bok choy and youContinue reading “Do you have carrots and snow peas? Then make my Honey chicken & ginger stir fry!”

How to grow bok choy from bok choy bottoms!

How are you all doing? We have been lucky with some nice bouts of sunshine but here in Adelaide we are set for lots of rain. All I can say is rain is great for our gardens and means we don’t have to water. The topic of this post is so exciting as it meansContinue reading “How to grow bok choy from bok choy bottoms!”

Naughty Puppy Strikes Again

So once again my husband and I had ensured the dogs could not get into the vegetable garden after Pepper’s last escapades. Pepper, however is a very resourceful dog when she wants something. I had planted a peat pot that had a very small thyme seedling that I had sprouted inside, into a long potContinue reading “Naughty Puppy Strikes Again”

What do I put in my tomato planting hole?

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a great week and have been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Now that I have my raised garden beds sorted it is the most anticipated time for an avid gardener, planting time! But wait… First I must gather the all important ingredients for plantingContinue reading “What do I put in my tomato planting hole?”

How to prepare a raised garden bed

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. In Adelaide we were so lucky with the weather, a fine 23C. Before Father’s Day I began preparing my new raised garden bed for planting. There is a special formula I have used over the past few years that I find works really well, I haveContinue reading “How to prepare a raised garden bed”

Spring has Sprung

Hello Friends, I’m happy to say I have seen some wonderful signs that Spring is near. I popped out to the garden to see if I could save anything from Pepper’s adventure in my garden and was welcomed by the wonderful sight of my husband’s dwarf nectarine tree in full blossom. While smiling at thisContinue reading “Spring has Sprung”

Chicken Soup with my garden harvest

I hope you are all well and have been able to get out in your garden a little. Unfortunately I have hurt my back quiet badly and until today was bedridden. So not feeling the best I thought chicken soup was called for. My chicken soup recipe is below if you too feel like itContinue reading “Chicken Soup with my garden harvest”

Naughty Puppy & Garden Extension

How are you all? Here in Adelaide it has been very cold and we have had quite a bit of rain. Of course this is great for the garden but it does limit how much time we can spend out in it. About a week ago my wonderful husband extended our vegetable garden puppy proofContinue reading “Naughty Puppy & Garden Extension”