All That’s Orange In My Garden

Marigolds in my vegetable garden

Hello Everyone. It has been a little while since you heard from me last but that doesn’t mean things have stopped in my garden. Today I thought I would share some beautiful orange flowers that are in my vegetable garden and why I have these particular plants.

The first of these are marigolds and I have orange, yellow and red flowers in my backyard. Marigolds attract pollinators such as bees and they also deter bugs that we just don’t
want in our vegetable patch such as whitefly, cockroaches and mosquitoes. Marigolds also excrete an insecticide that deters some varieties of slugs. These amazing flowers also really don’t suffer from diseases. Marigolds are a must for any gardener who wants to grow organically.

Amazing marigolds a must for an organic garden

Next up are nasturtiums otherwise known as nasty nasturtiums and not because they are horrible plants but because they can grow in nasty conditions. They are not fussy about soil types and give off a scent that deters garden pests. They are easy to grow and mine have all been grown from seed. They also of course add beautiful orange, yellow and red colours to the vegetable garden.

Nasturtiums are easy to grow

The last orange flower I have is in a big pot with two snow pea plants. This lovely plant was given to me as a gift from a work colleague for helping her out with a personal favour. It is a succulent but I have no idea what it is called. I don’t know if it has any particular benefits apart from attracting pollinators but it is certainly pretty. If anyone knows what it is called I would love if you could comment below to let me know.

Do you know what this plant is called?

Well that’s all that is orange in my backyard vegetable garden. Do you have anything orange in your garden? Why not share below in the comments. Until next time I’ll be in my happy place 🙂!

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