How to grow bok choy from bok choy bottoms!

How are you all doing? We have been lucky with some nice bouts of sunshine but here in Adelaide we are set for lots of rain. All I can say is rain is great for our gardens and means we don’t have to water. The topic of this post is so exciting as it means a supply of bok choy without spending money constantly.

So, you have bought some bok choy to make your favourite stir fry and as you prepare you cut off the bottom of the bok choy and put it in the compost bin. Right? No! Stop! Cut off the bottom 4-5 cm but don’t throw it away, save it to grow into a new bok choy plant to harvest again for another stir fry. Once you have cut the bottom off place it in a dish of shallow water.

Wait a few days and you will see the bok choy starting to sprout up in the middle. Make sure you change the water each day. After about 5-7 days it will be ready to plant outside.

If any of the bok choy stalks have started to get slimy pull these bits off before planting.

Plant in a sunny position and now just water and wait until they are big enough to harvest and the process starts all over again. This unlike the onion bottoms is tried and tested by myself already and definitely works. Have you done this before? Tell us about your success in the comments below. Anyway I’m off to make my favourite stir fry because I have so many snow peas in the garden and I have just harvested a bunch of carrots too. Until next time I’ll be in my happy place 🙂.

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