Naughty Puppy Strikes Again

It wasn’t me… it was the cat!

So once again my husband and I had ensured the dogs could not get into the vegetable garden after Pepper’s last escapades. Pepper, however is a very resourceful dog when she wants something. I had planted a peat pot that had a very small thyme seedling that I had sprouted inside, into a long pot with some sage and dill. I positioned this long pot just inside our puppy proof fence as you can see from the photo below. The peat pot with thyme in it is just able to be seen on the right of the photo.

For some reason Pepper is drawn to the peat pots, not the sage or dill plants luckily. She must have very carefully put her snout through the puppy proof fence and gently pulled the peat pot out of the soil leaving a very well defined hole behind as can be seen in the photo below.

My other dog Halley is well behaved when it comes to our garden now. She is about 9 months older than Pepper so maybe she can teach Pepper a thing or two about respecting her Mum’s happy place. Do you have any puppy stories to share? Why not add it in the comment section below. Follow my blog below to keep updated on not only my garden story and gardening hints but also all the adventures of Pepper and Halley. Until then happy gardening 🙂.

2 thoughts on “Naughty Puppy Strikes Again

  1. My puppy after learning to use his doggy door has been trusted recently with letting himself in and out when he pleases including when we are not home… yesterday we came home from a lovely date and my puppy Shadow had destroyed a drum stick for our wii game, a manual for a humidifier and tore up a packet of Panadol… thankfully didn’t eat any of the tablets or it would have been a trip to the vet! Now we lock it so he can’t come in when we are not home

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