What do I put in my tomato planting hole?

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a great week and have been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Now that I have my raised garden beds sorted it is the most anticipated time for an avid gardener, planting time! But wait… First I must gather the all important ingredients for planting the best tomato plants. These ingredients are crushed egg shells and epsom salts. The reason I use these ingredients in the hole I plant my tomatoes in are two fold. The crushed egg shell is placed in the hole to add calcium which tomato plants need to help prevent blossom end rot and they are also crushed up and put around the plant to prevent slugs and snails as they won’t go over the shell because it will cut their underside. The epsom salts are added to the hole as I have said before because it helps plants cope with the shock of transplanting and also because it is a valuable source of magnesium.

Egg shells

When adding the Epsom salts just a small sprinkle is enough and then cover lightly with soil, add egg shells and again cover lightly with soil. Next water both the hole and the plant before planting and once planted add crushed egg shell around the outside in a circle about 5-7 cm from the tomato stem so those slugs don’t get near your precious tomato plant.

Raised garden bed all planted out

As you can see above I have also planted capsicum the same way as my tomatoes and this has always been successful in the past. This year I have for the very first time planted zucchini and although I put Epsom salts in the hole I didn’t put egg shell as I wasn’t sure about the needs of zucchini as it is my first go with it. I did put egg shell around the outside of the zucchini plant in hope that it also gets good snail protection. As you know my garden is all organic and this year I lost all my cauliflower and broccoli to 🐌 and 🐛. It is my own fault for not being on the ball and getting my organic methods going quick enough. What methods I hear you say, well that is a story for another post. Until then happy gardening and relaxing in the ☀️.


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