Spring has Sprung

Proof that Spring is near
Proof that Spring is near
Nectarine tree in full blossom.

Hello Friends, I’m happy to say I have seen some wonderful signs that Spring is near. I popped out to the garden to see if I could save anything from Pepper’s adventure in my garden and was welcomed by the wonderful sight of my husband’s dwarf nectarine tree in full blossom.

While smiling at this beautiful sight (the blossoms not Pepper) I noticed flowers on the strawberry plants. These plants are going into their second fruiting season and I am crossing my fingers that I get large, sweet strawberries.

The snow peas have grown so tall that they are over the fence and have attached themselves to the trees over in the neighbours garden. I have harvested quite a few snow peas and have enough for a stir fry. When I cook this I will post the recipe and some photos. It is a Honey Chicken and Ginger stir fry I have been making for years. My in-laws love it so much that the recipe had a permanent spot on their fridge for quite some time. One of the ingredients is bok choy and this amazing vegetable can have the bottom cut off and planted to produce another plant. I have done this many times and it is always a great reason to have a stir fry when the bok choy is ready for harvesting.

While I was outside I got my seed potatoes planted in the grow bag with my husbands help. Mixed equal amounts of compost and cow manure and placed about 10cm in the bottom of the grow bag. Then the sides of the bag were rolled down and the potatoes planted with their sprouts pointing upwards and covered with some of the compost/manure mix then watered.

Both celery and lettuce are doing well already and there is a trick I used to get my celery going in winter and it wasn’t starting it inside. I used soft drink bottles with the bottoms cut off and placed over the seedlings. During the day if it was warm enough I would take the lid off the bottle to let some air in and put it back on as it got cold and over night. This is like creating a temporary terrarium for the celery seedlings. Lettuce grows all year round in Adelaide so we are lucky. I did have trouble getting the seeds to start and had a couple of goes before they sprouted.

I have begun hardening off the seedlings that I started inside but some have not sprouted. The capsicum and watermelon haven’t sprouted, so today I put some of these seeds on a dish of cotton wool and water. Hopefully this will give the seeds a kickstart and they will sprout.

Adelaide has some nice days forecast for the next 5-6 days and I hope you all get a chance to get outside and enjoy yourselves as well as doing some gardening. I know I’ll do my best to get out to my happy place, until next time happy gardening 🙂.

2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. Just found this post, and was wondering how your garden turned out. Did you get big strawberries? I’ve tried the potatoes in pots and with cow manure and compost added, just got lots of leaves and few potatoes. I’ll be doing the bok choy trick. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi Carolee, I got lots of potatoes but they were on the small side but they were so delicious and creamy. I think I might have put too many seed potatoes in to start and they got crowded. My strawberries have been various sizes and so sweet, now to stop the birds from eating them. I have not been able to do as much in my garden as I would like as I have done my knee and hurt my back. Hoping to have a knee replacement very soon and get back out there.


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