Naughty Puppy & Garden Extension

How are you all? Here in Adelaide it has been very cold and we have had quite a bit of rain. Of course this is great for the garden but it does limit how much time we can spend out in it. About a week ago my wonderful husband extended our vegetable garden puppy proof fence so we can fit In another raised garden bed. Puppy proof fence is a bit of an oxymoron as you will see in the photos below.

The new entry to our garden courtesy of Pepper.

Pepper was rather annoyed that her humans were not outside as much as we usually are and decided to get some attention all be it negative (they are not so different to children). Luckily I had planned to transplant the herbs she dug up to another area soon so I didn’t feel too sad.

Puppy master and wonderful husband was not impressed that his hard work on the fence extension had been destroyed and more work was ahead for him. He had done such a great job and I really appreciate his persistence.

The new garden bed will have our tomatoes and capsicums for the coming season. I have attempted to start these seeds inside under my grow light and so far the tomatoes have sprouted which has made me so excited.

Tomato seeds started inside under a grow light.

I just need to be patient now and wait until they have 2 sets of true leaves before hardening off and transplanting outside. See my post regarding how to start seeds indoors for more information on how to do this.

Hopefully the weather starts to fine up soon and my fur babies behave themselves so I can get out to my happy place. Until next time, happy gardening. 🙂

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