Foodscaping Our Front Garden: part 2

Nearly finished

We have nearly completed foodscaping our front garden with 6 dwarf fruit trees, 2 raspberry bushes, 2 blackberry bushes and 2 blueberry bushes. We have also included an arbour and planted a red grape vine on one side and we plan on planting a green grape vine on the other but have not been able to find one at our local garden shops.

We have added strawberries and chives because not only are they excellent companion plants but also great edibles to grow in our foodscaped front yard. Perennial spinach has also found a couple of spots as I have discovered recently that I actually like spinach and it can be added to so many dishes. Watch out for some upcoming blogs with homemade recipes to use up all the homegrown spinach.

I have planted many flowers including petunias which are great companion plants because they attract beneficial bugs including bees. I have left some spaces for basil and chamomile which are great companion plants and edibles but I am really keen to make and try my own chamomile tea. Stay tuned for how I go with that and mint tea from my supply growing in the backyard. I have started some seeds indoors getting ready for spring and this includes chamomile, nasturtium and lettuce for the front garden. Basil apparently has to wait until October so a very helpful lady at my local garden shop told me.
Checkout my next blog coming soon about starting seeds inside with and without a grow light and how to harden them off before planting outside in spring. Until then happy gardening. 😀

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