How to grow an onion from an onion bottom

After seeing this idea pop up so often in my Pinterest feed I decided I would give it a go. For those of you who don’t know onions take about 6 months to grow to maturity. So after having given this a go and waiting 6 months for the tell tale signs that it was harvesting time you can imagine my disappointment when I dug up my onions to find just roots. There was plenty of green leaves on top above the soil but alas no onion. ☹️
This can’t be right I must have done something wrong. I looked up lots of information about growing onions and growing onions from onion bottoms and low and behold I discovered a few instructions had a step I didn’t do. Now I can try again and show you all the steps and how it all goes. Cross your fingers that the end result is onions and never having to buy them again. Stay tuned by following my blog to find out how to grow onions from onion bottoms.

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