Foodscaping Our Front Garden

This is after the demolition has begun and still lots of work to go.
Demolition complete!
Blueberries in pots, Alyssum ground cover and yellow Marigolds.
The first fruit tree in the ground, a dwarf peach tree.
Dwarf Mandarin tree on left and dwarf lemon tree on right with Marigolds surrounding both.
Two Raspberry and two Blackberry bushes planted alternatively with chives.
Addition of Mondo Grass and some flowers.

The adventure of creating an attractive front garden that also produced food is a fun and interesting journey. I have spent much time researching especially in regards to companion plants and what not to plant next to each other. Did you know Marigolds are a fantastic flowering annual that should be planted next to all food producing plants for it’s ability to repel bugs that like to eat our food crops. Marigolds also don’t have many problems with disease. Very importantly they attract bees which for us gardeners this is hugely beneficial for pollinating our plants.

You are probably wondering why I have planted chives between my raspberry and blackberry bushes. Well for five reasons actually.

1. For a ground cover crop to suppress the weeds.

2. To repel harmful insects.

3. To attract bees.

4. Their looks – when they flower chives produce beautiful purple flowers.

5. And who could forget the culinary benefits.

With much more of the adventure into foodscaping my front garden to go stay on the look out for upcoming posts.

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