My Gardening Horrible History

I have been gardening for many years but seriously organic for 2-3 years. I began veggie gardening just as a small hobby at first and enjoyed the small harvest I was able to grow but became frustrated because some plants just didn’t produce anything or bugs got to them first. My husband said he would help me make my garden a bit bigger and move it to a better location in our fairly small backyard as I had proved my dedication. Excellent I thought, we will be growing so much more of our food! However our puppies that were only 6 months and a year old also thought this was a great idea and although we fenced off the garden they got in and trampled and dug up so much. The first time I got straight out there and was able to save many of the new plants and thought it would be alright. My other half fixed the fence and we looked forward to a bountiful harvest, that was until 3 days later when they got in again and this time the destruction was worse. I saved some but not much. We had to rethink this puppy problem…..

Soooo, chicken wire just wouldn’t cut it with our two fur babies. We upgraded to dog proof wire and metal star droppers and the new 1.2 metre high puppy proof fence was born. It worked for weeks until the four legged garden destroyers were left home alone for a whole day. They managed to get underneath the dog proof fence. It was time for dog proof fence 2.0. We bought strong tent pegs and put them around the bottom of the wire so they couldn’t push under. This seemed to work at least for the older of the two pups. Maybe my veggies would finally have a chance to grow? But Pepper (our Alaskan Malumute x Shar-pei x American Staffy) was very determined to harvest my veggies on her own. No lettuce, strawberry or tomato plant was left insight when she stretched the wire in an area that was weak and got in (she couldn’t get out though). My husband was furious and decided that was enough. Off to the hardware store he stormed and came back with concrete rebar panels. Finally my vegetable garden was safe from Pepper and Halley (our American bulldog x American Staffy).

A year on and we have made extensions to the garden (and the dog proof fence) and have changed our very basic compost pile to a two part barrel tumbler. We are trying new plants and using various organic methods to deter harmful bugs and attract beneficial bugs including companion planting.

My garden is my happy place, a place I feel at peace, a place where I can forget about the rest of the world and the horrible Corona Virus pandemic. I am dreaming and planning of things I can do with my harvest like making my own peppermint essential oil from my bountiful supply of mint and using this to make sugar scrubs and soothing foot lotions.

We have a new project that has just begun, our front yard. We haven’t really touched it for 23 years and so we decided to pull everything out and start again with organic and food growing front of mind. See up and coming blog posts for this exciting adventure along with plans to build a deck and extend the backyard veggie garden again (just a bit husband I promise).

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